Babysitting Job Tips

 Know Your Family: Before the parents head out the door, go over the routine and become familiar with what the kids are used to. (For example, the children will respond to discipline better if that discipline is in line with their parents.) Also, find out what the parent's expect of their sitter. This way, there will be no conflicts or disappointments and everyone will have the best experience possible.

Bring Fun Activities: Kids love new toys and this is an easy way to distract little ones so that their parents can make it out of the house without any tantrums. Simple, creative ideas and activities are new, exciting and much more fun than old toys.

3. Great Final Impression: When babysitting, the final impression is almost more important than the first impression. Every parent loves to come home to a tidy home with no sign of kid-related messes. Be sure to pick up toys and clean up any activities. Even small things, like loading the dishwasher or straightening the couch cushions, mean a lot to busy parents.


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      Being a babysitter is the ultimate "Role Model" position.  Working in a family's home adds a level of responsibility that other jobs may not have.  Babysitters have the unique opportunity to positively influence children in their own surroundings.  Everyone has memories of their childhood babysitter.  By making your babysitting jobs fun, you will become that unforgettable babysitter in that child's memory.  

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